The Art4web agency asked me to create a video for their client to present and explain the functioning of the client's service For this project we decided to make up a story about Michael who owns an e-shop selling smartphones and who would like to get his product assortment to price comparison websites such as or
After the script was ready, we started to design the character of Michael.
The next step was setting up of the storyboard and the animatics.
We also tested several icon animations:
Animator: Adam Belis
Art directors: Adam Belis, Lukáš Majzlan
Script writer: Adam Belis
Storyboard artist: Adam Belis
Illustrations: Adam Belis
Illustration Assistants : Zuzana Belisová , Tomáš Hriško
Translation: Veronika Belisová
Mentor: Lukáš Majzlan
Agency: Art4web
Thank you for your time!
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